Become a Taxine driver 

Why Taxine?

The opportunity to drive more passengers

You will have the opportunity to drive more people. Many want to be driven by a female taxi driver!

Earn money

The more passengers, the more you earn. You earn 85 % if you drive an electric or hybrid car and 82 % if you drive a gasoline car. Taxine will only charge a fee for each trip you have received via Taxine's platform.  

Work whenever you want
Work a few hours a week, work part time, work full time. You decide!  

Simple contact with Taxine
You can email and call Taxine if you have any questions or concerns!

What it takes to become a Taxine driver

Have turned 21 years old - Holds B - driving license for at least 2 years - Taxi driver's license

How the process goes for a taxidriver

Register as a Taxine driver

You will receive an email for more information

Make an appointment and have a interview with us

You're a Taxine driver!