More female taxi drivers!

Taxine was created to create a safe taxi environment & take down the stigma surrounding the taxi profession.


More female taxi drivers in a male-dominated industry!

Taxine was created because there is a need for female drivers. Passengers felt insecure when they took taxis late at night. You should feel safe everywhere, let's start inside the taxi!

At the moment, only 9,7% are licensed female taxi drivers in Sweden. In Stockholm it's only 3,8%. Now is the time to take down the stigma surrounding the profession! You can work whenever you want, to fit your schedule.

We include, not exclude people

Everyone is welcome to ride with Taxine. As a passenger you will be picked up by a female taxi driver! 

And as a driver, you have the freedom to choose if you want to pick up the specific passenger or not, once you have received a travel request. 

Drive towards a sustainable future 

Taxine strives for a sustainable future. We do this by charging less for drivers who have a hybrid or electric car.